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We love this program! I found myself sneaking on so I could play!
I have heard many times “Can I please do Always Icecream now? It's fun!” Encouraging an enthusiasm for learning is a big plus in my book.
Ok. This is the first online site I have become REALLY excited about in a long time.
Let me just say, this site has been a WONDERFUL motivator...for my kiddos!
I know that educational/game websites are a dime a dozen these days, but Always Icecream has done it so, so right.
She’s learning math, languages, science, the Bible, and even typing! And its all so much fun and rewarding that she can't help but succeed.
I bought a membership for my 8-year-old daughter. She needed reinforcement of her math skills. This was a perfect fit!
My girls have enjoyed playing and learning on Always Icecream. It's a safe site I can allow them to use without concern of content. I have recommended it to friends. It is a great value!
Always icecream has given my daughters an educational way to combine a "Facebook-like" experience with blogs, games, and innocent YouTube videos.
I subscribed all three girls and they are all enjoying it and learning - together and individually. When I hear the particular music I know they are working on their states. There is lots of math on the website also.
We have Loved Always-Icecream from day One! We use it as a reward for our girls … I was impressed with the Geography information they picked up just from playing those games! Thank you for a great, safe site for our precious girls!!
My oldest girls, ages 5-10, absolutely love Always Ice cream! Most other online subscriptions or software I've bought eventually becomes less of a draw for them, but not Always Icecream.
My daughter and I are thrilled with our subscription to Always Icecream. She has learned to use the keyboard properly, and improved her geography and math skills, among other things.
My 2 oldest girls really enjoy Always icecream - it's a fun way to do "more school" - I like how I can trust the content on it and how I can get weekly updates on what they have been doing on the site.
My girls enjoy the various activities on Always Icecream. They find the games creative and entertaining. They have learned the states through it, improved typing skills, made cakes, and "experienced" science experiments. We have bragged to others about.
My 6 girls love Always-Icecream! We are lifetime members!
My daughters love Always Icecream and they always learn something new. It has made it so much easier and much more fun to learn the states and capitals. I like that there are no advertisements and that the girls can have a safe place to play online.
What do you like most about Always Icecream? "The fact that she loves doing this every single day and is learning so much so fast. I go to college full time at night. Couldn't do it without Always Icecream, for Girls and Clever Dragons - Smart Fun for Boys
My nine year old daughter loves Always Icecream!! She loves playing the educational games and earning $coops that she can use to buy stuff for her virtual pet turtle and to play other games. I love how the educational games are building her confidence.
After avoiding online learning for our daughter, we are excited about the opportunities provided by Always Ice Cream. She is tackling both learned subjects via a new mode and new subjects. The biggest benefit...it does not overstimulate her.
I am extremely impressed with Always- IceCream and Clever Dragons. They are both learning and excited about what they are learning.This program is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much for making learning fun for our family!
They send me weekly updates on her progress on Always Ice Cream and what videos she has watched.I really like that they have typing and they teach it properly, not hen-pecking. It is definitely worth checking out.
I purchased the Lifetime membership for Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons. Both of my school-aged children love these programs. They log on to the sites every day and love earning the rewards. I love that they are "playing" while learning!
My 11 year old daughter loves AI. I purchased Always-Icecream for the excellent geography games, but see now that it is far more than just a game site. Always Ice Cream an excellent educational supplement that can be used as a "reward" for completing work.
We love Always Icecream! It is a very fun and safe website for young girls. During our recess time they beg to check on their pets and squeeze in another game of typing or decorating a cake or serving up ice cream or designing a bedroom. It's just fun.
[My daughter] uses this and we love it! We subscribed and are so thankful we did!
My 6 year old daughter loves Always Ice Cream. She is always excited to go on it. It covers a wide variety of school subjects, its bright and colorful and no ads. It is carefully monitored. Always Ice Cream, she begs to go on.
I have not seen a program similar to this. Others focus on one thing, math or reading. This has everything and then some...This is definitely worth checking out! We just absolutely love both the girls' and the boy's site. The price is very reasonable.
Signed my daughter up a little while ago and it's a great incentive in helping her get her baseline (that's what we call her bookwork) done. I have to say, I am very impressed. It took less than one day...to see that the membership was worth it.
My daughter is enjoying this as much as my son is enjoying your brother site, Clever Dragons - Smart Fun for Boys. I can't say enough great things about these!!!!
We haven't had a children's computer for a few months, and when we got one hooked up today the first thing my daughter said was, "Finally, I can play Always Icecream again!" She is entering Middle School and she still enjoys this program, Thank You.
I love how many different subjects are covered. Seeing German is what sold me over other programs.
My daughter LOVES always ice cream! We put the levels at one grade below to one grade above and she loves learning new things and the challenge as well. I love all the new ways she can do things, such as submitting to the weekly newsletter. She just love i
My daughter LOVES always ice cream! We put the levels at one grade below to one grade above and she loves learning new things and the challenge as well. I love all the new ways she can do things, such as submitting to the weekly newsletter. She just love i
My daughter has been on this since the beginning of the school year... I home school her.... She absolutely loves this site, as do I....
Pretty cool, after playing a few hours, my daughter can place more than half of the states :) We're loving your program and the boy version for our son! thanks!
My daughter loves Always Ice cream. We just got her a lifetime membership, and will do the same for my youngest daughter next year when we homeschool her too. Always Ice Cream is a great supplement to her education. she loves to learn and play games on the
We bought always icecream for our daughter and clever dragons for our son. They love them and they actually learn from the games. We would highly recommend these to anyone.
I bought Always-Ice Cream and Clever Dragons as a fun, inexpensive program...and it has been much more valuable than I thought. My children love to use it. It's helped them become proficient typists and they've learned about internet safety and economics.
My daughter loves the site. She calls it her "facebook for kids." She enjoys the games, creating items to sell in her store and interacting on the message board with other children. I never get groans when I tell her to go play Always Icecream!
I homeschool my 10 yo dd, and my 6 yo ds. We use Time4Learning as our main curriculum. I then paid for a year on ReadingEggs for my son. He likes both of them. I found this on Facebook 2 days ago. I signed my daughter up yesterday. Now I can't get her to S
We use time with Always-Icecream for a reward for my daughter finishing up her school work. It is fun and educational, and it holds her interest very well. She is 7.
My kids love to play Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons and are learning so much without even realizing it. They beg to do it each day as a reward when their other school work is finished.
It's a great thing to fill in any gaps you might be worried about...I bought the parent option, because we homeschool. It's nice to be able to schedule what you want them to focus on, and also to have a report card when you need one.
My daughter enjoys learning on Always-Icecream. I could control the subjects and activities she has access to. I also like that she can play a range of grade levels instead of being stuck with one level. It has been a great tool for homeschooling.
I have 9 year-old boy/girl twins and purchased Clever Dragons/Always Icecream for them. They simply loved it! They could not wait to finish their daily studies to start learning on Always Icecream. The variety of fun educational information is awesome.
We have this for our daughter and she LOVES it! It's even teaching her to type.
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